School sponsorship is an opportunity to transform an entire community with the gift of an Early Childhood Development Centre.

More than 2,000 students are enrolled each year in IREAD schools, where they receive a pre-primary quality education – the building block for generational change.

School sponsorships cover the cost of the materials and labour to build an ECD Centre, as well as the fixtures and furniture, start-up teaching supplies, and initial teacher training. Land, general labour and local materials such as sand and gravel for construction are donated by the community.Β 

Donors who sponsor a school have naming rights to the school. Many schools are named in honour of donors and their family members, many of whom have roots in the community. Sponsors are encouraged to attend inaugurations to celebrate the community and experience the impact of their gift first-hand.

Learn more about our current projects – at least 6 new schools will be opened in 2021 and construction will likely start on at least 3 others, paving the way for hundreds of children in Uganda and Northern Pakistan to build brighter futures for their communities!